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What is the difference between concrete and cement?

Although you may hear the terms concrete and cement used interchangeably, knowing the differences can help you make the best decisions for your projects. 

First of all, the concrete is an excellent building material, which has many advantages. It is versatile and incredibly durable, and is used for a wide range of projects, from residential homes to commercial structures. 

the cement, as to to him, is one of the most important materials in construction. Combined with water, it hardens into a solid substance capable of supporting infrastructure. It is also widely used and has many applications in almost all types of construction work.

Although similar, in the construction of structures, the concrete and cement have advantages and disadvantages. However, the main feature that differentiates them is that if the cement can be used alone, concrete aura always need cement to work. 

However, if you want to know all the properties and advantages of these two materials, pay attention to the following information. 

Cement VS. Concrete: What are the differences?

Cement is the main ingredient of concrete. It is composed of limestone, iron, clay and other minerals exposed to high temperatures (calcination), which, in contact with water, are able to form a thick mixture capable of solidifying and becoming the raw material for various buildings. 

concrete, meanwhile, is a masonry material derived from cement, which is very important in construction because it provides strength and durability. It is composed of three main ingredients: cement, stone and water, in essential proportions to ensure its solidity. If the measurements are deficient, the concrete will have a weak constitution, which will eventually endanger the entire structure. 

Although the two materials are quite similar, people tend to use the concrete when their projects involve versatility, low maintenance, fire immunity, durability and strength. While the concrete, which is bonded to steel and has expansion properties similar to steel, is versatile, durable and variable, depending on the different types of concrete and their uses

How is concrete used in FL Excavation projects?

The versatility offered by concrete, then the expertise of each of our workers, allow us to offer you the best concrete such as the formwork

The concrete formwork is a tool used in construction projects to ensure proper fastening, as well as to provide axial and shear reinforcement to the entire structure. 

It is fabricated on site and used in the pillars, giving it a high degree of strength and corrosion resistance compared to other materials. 

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